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Episode 5 of ‘Watch & Know Before You Grow’ How to Build an Aeroponic Cloner –
Part 1 is here to show you everything you need to buy from Southside Garden Supply and the hardware store to build your very own aeroponic cloner. Aeroponics is a medium free method of growing in which roots are sprayed or misted with a nutrient solution. Aeroponics was originally developed by NASA as a method of growing plants in gravity deprived environments, but has been adapted by cannabis growers as a very efficient and clean way to grow marijuana. Part 2 will be release soon and we will show you how to build the unit.

Supply List
Available at all Southside Garden Supply locations:
10 – 360 Sprayers
1 – 400 Gallon per hour pond pump
35 – 2” Neoprene collars
35 – 2” Net cups
Clonex solution
Ph up & down
Interval / recycle timer (at least 1 min on 4 min off)
H202 (optional)

Available at most hardware stores:
1 – Tote / container for reservoir
1 – 10’ section 1/2” PVC pipe
8 – 1/2” PVC elbows slip
1 – 1/2″ PVC cross slip
1 – 1/2″ PVC female slip to male threaded joint
1 – 1/2″ PVC valve slip

Requires tools:
Electric drill
11/64” drill bit
2” hole saw
PVC cutter

Be sure to watch for new episodes coming soon including cannabis growing equipment reviews and demonstrations, marijuana growing instructional videos, and so much more great cannabis growing related content! Please share this with your friends!

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