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Oxygen Pot System – Product Feature

In Episode 6 of ‘Watch & Know Before You Grow’ we are chatting with Eshom Reed from Southside Garden Supply about Oxygen Pot Systems. This is a great ebb and flow style of system with some really unique features that any grower will love! Available at all Southside Garden Supply locations or click here to […]

How to Build an Aeroponic Cloner – Part 1

Episode 5 of ‘Watch & Know Before You Grow’ How to Build an Aeroponic Cloner – Part 1 is here to show you everything you need to buy from Southside Garden Supply and the hardware store to build your very own aeroponic cloner. Aeroponics is a medium free method of growing in which roots are […]

Precision Measuring Devices

Here we grow…Episode 4 of ‘Watch & Know Before You Grow’ is all about precision measuring cups. Don’t use bottle caps and your wife’s teaspoon from the kitchen to measure out your nutes! Get with the program and use what the pros do. We’ve got all types of sizes of measuring devices at all the […]

Oscillating Wall Mount Fans

Watch & Know Before You Grow - Episode 3: Oscillating Wall Fans- Southside Garden Supply

Episode 3 of ‘Watch & Know Before You Grow’ is all about Active Air Oscillating Wall Mount Fans. These fans help keep the temperature consistent throughout your grow room, they encourage plant movement which provides strong stocks and overall plant strength, and they also help increase your plants transpiration and nutrient uptake. If you don’t […]