The solution to gardening in Alaska’s cool climate

Indoor Greenhouse Supplies in Anchorage, Alaska

Many Alaskans struggle to grow adequate gardens and produce during our short, cool summers. Typical greenhouses can help improve warmth, but the only way to stretch the season is to start gardening indoors. Advancements in indoor greenhouse supplies, indoor gardening techniques, and equipment have made it possible for even novice gardeners to produce and maintain lush plants in Alaska, all year long.

Hydroponics is the act of growing without soil, providing plants with a nutrient-rich elixir to grow bigger, faster, and in less space. Combined with an indoor greenhouse, grow lights and fresh air, your indoor garden can look incredible and yield a fantastic crop all year. Southside Garden Supply carries everything you need, and we’ll even share our hydroponics expertise to help you become a master indoor gardener in Alaska.

Here are just a few supplies you might need to get started with your indoor greenhouse:


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