Southside Garden Supply will help you find the best hydroponic nutrients for your indoor cultivation system.

Starting a productive indoor cultivation system can be an intimidating task, especially for beginners. It won’t take long before you are frustrated. The latter is common if you do not know the right techniques.

More so, you will also need to have the right tools, and more importantly, the proper hydroponics nutrients that will supplement the growth of your garden.

Our knowledgeable staff at Southside Garden Supply is here for you when you are ready to purchase hydroponic nutrients. Visit us today to discuss the right hydroponic nutrients, correct proportions, and right products to ensure you have a successful indoor garden.

Here are just a few of the products we sell. Our inventory is vast, so please stop by one of our stores in Anchorage and Wasilla to find the right hydroponic nutrients for your garden.

Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth Organic Fertilizer, 250 mL

Hydroponic Nutrients in Anchorage Southside Garden Supply
Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth Organic Fertilizer

Ancient earth is the newest addition to the Advanced Nutrients product line. It is a combination of fulvic & humic acids into a single nutrient formula that was specifically designed to fit the needs of the valuable plants We grow. Ancient earth reduces the salinity & pH fluctuations & increases your plants’ Uptake of the precious micronutrients that drive them to reach their optimum yield.

Down To Earth All Purpose 4-6-2 mix

This Down to Earth product is ideal for all types of transplants. A gentle, non-burning fertilizer made for vegetables, herbs, flowers and container plants, it is formulated with top-quality organic ingredients and designed to deliver a steady supply of essential nutrients to your plants while enhancing soil fertility and microbial activity naturally.

Cultured Solutions Bud Booster Early, 32 oz Quart

Cultured Solutions Bud Booster is formulated to aid in the development of flowering sites during the transition from veg to bloom. It is fortified with added Nitrogen and Magnesium and is a mineral based bud booster which contains no harmful PGR’s.

Southside Garden Supply makes it possible to grow indoors year round in Alaska with quality hydroponic nutrients.

Now you can successfully grow indoors all year long! Imagine harvesting your own delicious veggies or enjoying the smells of exotic flowers in the middle of winter.

We carry the best in Indoor Cultivation Equipment to ensure your indoor gardening will be a success. From lighting and hydroponic systems to natural supplements and growing mediums — to make your indoor growing experiences blossom. Whether you’re a casual gardener or a commercial wholesale farmer, our grow shops in Anchorage have the right equipment for your needs.