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Nanolux commercail grade ballast and relflector for hydroponic grow lighting. Grow Shop Wasilla

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Southside Garden Supply of Wasilla, Alaska has indoor gardening equipment, greenhouse lighting and air systems, hydroponic systems, soils and fertilizers, and EVERYTHING an Alaskan needs to support productive indoor cultivation. Take advantage of our Price Match Guarantee and simplify your day with our three locations in Anchorage. Find your hydroponic supplies quicker, and waste less gas getting here. Best of all, we’re now supporting Alaska’s growing cultivation businesses with Wholesale Direct Farm Pricing on all equipment and supplies. Take advantage of pallet delivery to your door and ongoing service to keep you growing strong. Southside Garden Supply can help your cultivation business take root!

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We are the premier grow shop in Wasilla.

Stop by and speak with our expert growers and shop our huge selection of lights, soil, nutrients and hydroponic equipment. Our grow shops carry everything from soil and containers to organic compost teas, to fertilizers and water testers, to pest and disease control, to fluorescent and HID lighting.

At Southside Garden Supply we put the success of our customers first, knowing that our future depends on their success. For this reason, we have built three grow shops in the Anchorage area that are true one-stop shops for everything required in the planning, creation and maintenance of organic and hydroponic gardens.

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Huge inventory at our Wasilla grow shop.

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We are just a short 20-minute drive from Palmer.

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