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Anchorage’s #1 Cultivation Supplier

Southside Garden Supply has a huge stock of hydroponic equipment, grow lights, grow tents, nutrients and much more. With a huge selection of grow lights in stock, and great prices on all of our top quality gear, Southside Garden Supply has all of your indoor grow supply needs covered.

Rob and Julie are doing their best to be in the store and available to answer your questions. They would love for you to stop by and say hi and check out their amazing product line of cultivation supplies.

Or Give Rob (the Owner) a call, he is available 24/7 at 351-8207 for questions or if you need help after hours.

Feel safe shopping for your cultivation supplies in Anchorage with our outstanding customer service policies:

  • We build custom feed charts and provide consultations on grow room layouts.
  • We offer a 6 month over the counter exchange with receipt on all of our electronics.
  • All orders are built to fit our customer’s specific needs.
  • We also offer a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE for Alaska.
  • We will send you out of the store with the knowledge to succeed, a custom built feed chart and NOT a bunch of stuff you will never use.

Don’t forget to pick up a gallon of our FREE fresh brewed living compost tea, it is our thank you to our customers, and your plants will love you for it!

Cultivation Supplies Anchorage
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Stop by any one of our three Anchorage locations!

12870 Old Seward Hwy (907)-339-9997

171 Muldoon Rd  (907) 334-9997

and now

3005 Spenard Road  (907) 562-9997

We are ready to take Alaska to the next era with indoor gardening and cultivation supplies.

We offer SHIPPING and DELIVERY for all of our cultivation supplies.

Just place a call or order online for it to be shipped or delivered.