Southside Garden is now carrying Cloud Butane and MZ12X organic degreaser!

Organic MZ 12X is designed to provide heavier duty degreasing and it is formulated from Organic gas that is produced by nature. While it is still FLAMMABLE, its explosion point is much lower than that of a petroleum based solvent. Additionally, its fully vanishing CEP; “Complete Evaporating Point” is even lower than that of Pure ZHO and contains zero heavy metal.

Because Organic MZ 12X is natural gas refined 12 times, engineered to be stronger than Pure ZHO, it will remove any grease or oil particles from surfaces even more thoroughly. However, because of characteristic differences from its sister product, Pure ZHO (which locks oil substance with its low temperature liquefied gas) Organic MZ 12X will dissolve ALL oily substances from the surfaces and grooves.

In comparison, Organic MZ 12X will remove more greases and oily substance then Pure ZHO, but it is left as FLAMMABLE gas in order to preserve its characteristics and Organic origin.

Organic MZ 12X is biodegradable, safe to environment, harmless to any living human, animals, or plants and it will leave degreased surface odor free, color free, residue free, and heavy metal free and absolutely non-toxic.
mz12xcloud 9x

Cloud Fuel is the latest in the awesome products already offered from Cloud Penz!

Cloud Fuel is 9x Refined Butane not 5x like others

Cloud Fuel is Super Clean

Cloud Fuel is Oderless & Pure