Cleaning your Cloner!

Sad HeartHas your cloning machine stopped working? Have you become unsatisfied with its performance? Was it love in the beginning and now constant struggle to get what you need?

Well today is the day to re-spark your relationship! With these 4 simple steps you and your cloner will be back in action, just like the first time

you used it.

  3 cloners

First you are going to disassemble the entire machine, taking out the manifold, collars, pump and unscrew the misters from the manifold.

  1. The actual container and lid should be cleaned with an H2O2 solution of 5ml to gallon of water, or a bleach solution of 1 table spoon (Tbsp) per gallon. When washing out the container, don’t use a course scrubbing tool as it can scratch the plastic and make indents for bacteria to grow in.
  2. Spray misterSoak the misters in a H2O2 or Bleach solution for at least 20 minutes and then scrub them individually with a hard tooth brush.  Give them a final rinse with plane water. If your misters are too gunky then they should be replaced.
  3. ManifoldThe manifold: after you have removed the misters from the manifold and let it soak for at least 20 minutes in a cleaning solution completely submerged. Plug the manifold back into the pump and let the cleaning solution run through for a good 5 minutes. Give a final rinse with fresh clean water.
  4. Neoprene collars: while replacing the collars after each use is optimal they can be reused. To clean them submerge the collars completely and soak for 20 minutes in a mild cleaning solutions (½ -¾ strength of the listed above solution). Next, rinse the collars with running water until they no longer smell like bleach, after give them a good scrub and ring them out like a sponge.

Be sure to thoroughly clean your cloning machine after every use to prevent   the growth of harmful pathogens that can prevent success.

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