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Congratulations Dale Marshal!

Alaska State Fair pumpkin sponsored by Southside Garden Supply

We’re pleased to announce Dale Marshal has been awarded 2nd Place at this year’s Alaska State Fair for his alarmingly massive pumpkin. Way to go Dale! Weighing in at 1172 pounds, it had to be maneuvered with a crane and hauled into display with a support crew. When your pumpkin requires a support crew you know you’re doing […]

FREE Microbial Tea

Free Compost Tea in Anchorage, Alaska for your Garden and Hydroponics Systems

Greetings growers! Check out our first episode of ‘Watch & Know Before You Grow’. This episode is all about Southside Garden Supply of Anchorage, Alaska’s free microbial tea. Thanks for watching!

Leaf Spotting

The leaves are a good indicator to the overall health of your plant. Everyone always likes to see big green healthy leaves on theirs plants, but what is your plant telling you when the leaves start to yellow, spot or even curl? Nutrient deficiencies are a common culprit for leaf spotting; here we are going […]