Alaska State Fair pumpkin sponsored by Southside Garden Supply

Congratulations Dale Marshal!

Southside Garden Supply is a proud Sponsor of Dale Marshal, 2nd Place pumpkin grower at the 201 Alaska State FairWe’re pleased to announce Dale Marshal has been awarded 2nd Place at this year’s Alaska State Fair for his alarmingly massive pumpkin. Way to go Dale!

Weighing in at 1172 pounds, it had to be maneuvered with a crane and hauled into display with a support crew. When your pumpkin requires a support crew you know you’re doing something right! As Dale’s product sponsor, Southside Garden Supply is proud to help usher in a new era of growing and gardening in Alaska through the use of organic fertilizers, hydroponic supplies, soils, lighting and other equipment all available at our two Super Stores in Anchorage and Wasilla.

So what exactly did Dale do and use to produce such an enormous pumpkin?

Dale Marshal and his Alaska State Fair 2nd Place Pumpkin sponsored by Southside Garden Supply of Anchorage and Wasilla, AlaskaWho are we to say? [wink] Perhaps he gave it an encouraging speech each morning. Maybe he sang to it or tucked it in every night. Maybe he used jug after jug of our free compost tea. The point is, it’s a secret only Dale should share!

What we CAN tell you is that we’re more than happy to assist anyone who comes into the store with advice and products that will help them grow big crops.

Congratulations Dale; we’re proud to be a part of your growing success. We expect BIG things from you next year!

Hemp CBD - Gummies, cough syrup, tea, oil and edibles enhanced with cannabidiol

Hemp CBD 101

What is Hemp CBD, and is it a legal and beneficial substance?

Hemp CBD tinctureSimply answered, CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural chemical compound derived from the hemp plant, and is legal in all 50 states. The agricultural operations that produce the hemp must be legal as well, which is why the brands of CBD products we carry obtain their CBD from hemp grown on farms that adhere to all federal regulations.

Hemp CBD - Cannabidiol for relaxation, pain relief, muscle spasms and moreAdditionally, our CBD products do NOT contain THC, another more heavily regulated compound found in hemp. Consumers and studies report various uses for CBD and benefits such as:

  • Calming & relaxation
  • Anxiety relief
  • Pain relief
  • Suppression of muscle spasms
  • Reduction of nausea or vomiting Slowing of bacterial growth
  • Reduction/control of blood sugar levels
  • Pet anxiety/pain relief (ask about our PET ReLeaf Tincture with Salmon Flavor)
  • And more

CBD may be utilized or consumed through a variety of flavorful and often fun products like those shown below.

About Hemp CBD oil, tincture, gummies, tea, tinctures products at our Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska locations

It’s important to note that these statements have not been approved by the food and drug administration. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also refrain from using CBD products, just to be on the safe side. And we’re more than happy to discuss natural hemp CBD and our product line with customers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when visiting your local Southside Garden Supply. CBD products are available in both SGS Super Stores in Anchorage and Wasilla.

Your CBD Headquarters

Free Compost Tea in Anchorage, Alaska for your Garden and Hydroponics Systems

FREE Microbial Tea

Greetings growers! Check out our first episode of ‘Watch & Know Before You Grow’. This episode is all about Southside Garden Supply of Anchorage, Alaska’s free microbial tea. Thanks for watching!