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The ACI's mission is to educate and connect cannabis-minded people with the best resources,” says Cory Wray, director of the ACI. “By joining the ACGA, our students will have access to perks only the ACGA can offer, such as member discounts at Southside Garden Supply, and other ACGA partners.
The ACGA offers three different types of memberships - associate, corporate, and growers. Each level comes with unique benefits and perks, like voting rights and board eligibility. 
“Southside Garden Supply continues to show support for the growers in Alaska,” said Conrad Daley, President of the ACGA. “This is an important time for all of us to pull together, to ensure the rules and regulations are written in a sensible way that promotes fairness, opportunity, and community.”
About ACGA
The ACGA is an association of Alaska growers that provides economic and business leadership for the benefit of growers and the industry. The ACGA represents growers interests through service to its members including bargaining, communications, employment services, advocacy, and more to ensure the stability, viability and prosperity of the industry in Alaska.
About ACI
The mission of the ACI is to educate and connect entrepreneurs with tools, knowledge, and resources, preparing them to become leaders in the rapidly emerging and ever-changing cannabis landscape.
The ACI widely recognized as one of the state premier professional cannabis education programs. Through its interdisciplinary approach, the program draws on the experience of participating professionals to create a curriculum whose breadth and depth make the ACI program one-of-a-kind. 
Attendees receive an education that centers on and values industry relationships and draws widely on the expertise and networks of engaged alumni and prominent professionals.
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Hydroponics & Indoor Gardening

The solution to gardening in Alaska's cool climate

Many Alaskans struggle to grow adequate gardens and produce during our short, cool summers. Typical greenhouses can help improve warmth, but the only way to stretch the season is to start gardening indoors. Advancements in indoor gardening techniques and equipment have made it possible for even novice gardeners to produce and maintain lush plants in Alaska, all year long. Hydroponics is the act of growing without soil, providing plants with a nutrient rich elixir to grow bigger, faster, and in less space. Combined with an indoor greenhouse, grow lights and fresh air, your indoor garden can look incredible and yield a fantastic crop all year. Southside Garden Supply carries everything you need, and we'll even share our hydroponics expertise to help you become a master indoor gardener in Alaska. Visit or contact us today.

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